Is Lymphoma Cancer Curable?

When someone finds out that either they have cancer or someone close to them has it there are bound to be concerns. All cancers will affect people differently and there will be various treatments carried out and sadly in many cases they will not be successful. There are better results for certain types and when people ask "is lymphoma cancer curable?" there is the good news that this variant has good recovery results.

Is Lymphoma Cancer Curable and What are the Stages of Cancer?

There have always been a large number of cases of lymphoma cancer and the good news is that this is one that can be cured.  It is beginning to spread to all corners of the world and has been accepted as a problem in certain areas.  A lot of research has led to many different types of treatment being available and there is therefore less chance of there being the need for an operation.  Surgery can hold its own dangers so there will only have to be an operation if there has been a further problem.

Once diagnosed there are 4 stages of lymphoma:

  • Stage 1 – the disease is only in one organ or area
  • Stage 2 – the disease is in a couple of organs on one side of the diaphragm.  There may be other organs infected.
  • Stage 3 – here the disease affects lymph nodes on both sides of the diaphragm.
  • Stage 4 – this is when the lungs or bone marrow are affected.

Life after Diagnosis

After being diagnosed there will be a lot of questions that the patient will want to ask.  The main one will probably be “is lymphoma cancer curable?” and once they have been reassured that is it, they will want to know what treatment they will need to undergo and what their life will be like after the treatment is finished.  Once given the all clear they should have no further problems and their future life expectancy should be no different to other people who are the same age as them.

The main treatment that will be carried out will be chemotherapy and there is now a further method that is an antibody therapy.  Known as the “smart bomb” system, radio-immuno-conjugates and immunotherapy will help to combat the disease.  Coupled with the tools available to make an early diagnosis the outlook will be good.  If there has not been a further affliction within three years it is likely that there will not be a re-occurrence or at least it is not any more likely than for anyone else.

It is important to remember that the recovery rate will depend on early diagnosis and correct identification and treatment.  Doctors will be hampered by the fact that there are 20 different types of lymphoma cancer but even so the recovery rate is more than 60%.  It would not be true to say that everyone who suffers from lymphoma cancer there is a good success rate, but now more than at any time in the past that when someone asks “is lymphoma cancer curable? the answer is very likely going to be yes.

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