Cancer Buddies Lymphoma Cancer Support

Besides having to cope with the medical and physical challenges, people living with cancer face many fears, concerns and emotions that are unique to their situations. The great majority of them may find that they need support to deal with the emotional and practical issues of the disease. Research has in fact established the critical role that cancer support groups play in improving treatment outcomes for most patients that join a support group. Most of these cancer support groups cater to the needs of patients suffering from a specific type of cancer, for example the Cancer Buddies Lymphoma Cancer Support for patients living with lymphoma cancers.

The patient that joins a cancer support group enjoys better quality of life through gaining confidence and increased levels of interpersonal comfort and wellbeing, reduced stress as result of expressing their feelings freely to others that are going through the same experience, and getting access to information about their condition, especially concerning new treatments and practices for those living with the particular cancer.

What is Cancer Buddies Lymphoma Cancer Support?

The Cancer Buddies Support network, living up to their mission statement of “proving that cancer need never be a lonely experience” seeks to bring the cancer patient into contact with others that are going through the exact same experience so that the cancer patient can share the ups and downs, the laughter and the tears “with someone who knows just how it feels.”

Most cancer patients will naturally have relatives and friends and family and these are a source of support in emotional and financial matters most of the time, but the support and empathy a patient gets from someone having the same cancer is a very special one indeed.  Where you would hide some unpleasant facts from a relative or your loved ones for example – or be forced to tell a white lie so as not to hurt their feelings – you would talk to your cancer buddy freely as they are going through the same thing.

This is the sort of thing that the Cancer Buddies Lymphoma Cancer Support network aims to achieve, linking patients, carers of cancer patients, even family and friends of cancer patients so they can share their experiences.

Where Can I Find a Cancer Buddies Lymphoma Cancer Support Group?

The Cancer Buddies Support Network is an online resource.  The interested patient has to visit their website ( where you will be required to fill a form and give your particulars: the type of cancer you have, the area where you live, your age range and so on.  If you are lucky the network may come up with someone just up the road from you, but in most cases you will have to communicate with your cancer buddies by messaging one-on-one, or through the forums that the network runs.

What can I expect to experience in a Cancer Buddies Lymphoma Cancer Support Group?

As mentioned before joining a cancer support group of any kind has benefits, and in most cases will even improve your treatment outcomes.  The support network will bring you into contact with other cancer patients of your age and status, people you will have no problem communicating with.

The support you get from others going through the same experience as you is invaluable, and not to be compared with the sort of support you get from friends and family.  Cancer Buddies Lymphoma Cancer Support will link you up with a person that has your particular lymphoma, someone near you in many cases – or right up the street if you are lucky.

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