Leukaemia & Lymphoma Cancer Support Group

Leukaemia is a form of cancer which affects the white blood cells and bone marrow. Lymphoma cancer infects the body's lymphatic system. There are two types of lymphoma cancer: Hodgkin Lymphoma (named after the scientist who discovered it) and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). Hodgkin lymphoma cancer is one of the most curable while NHL treatment can keep the cancer under control for many years.

What are Leukaemia & Lymphoma Cancer Support Groups?

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Cancer Support groups are formed to help patients and their loved ones deal with leukaemia and lymphoma cancer.  They include medical and psychological professionals as well as other trained counsellors to provide emotional, psychological and other support.  A leukaemia & lymphoma cancer support group meets on a regular basis, usually weekly, so members can keep each other informed of their situation.  There are also classes and other types of activities for patients and loved ones to participate in to help deal in living with cancer.

Where Can I Find a Leukaemia & Lymphoma Cancer Support Group?

A leukaemia & lymphoma cancer support group can be found through your doctor or local oncology association.  You can also contact one of the following to also assist you in finding a leukaemia & lymphoma cancer support group:

  • Maggie's
  • Leukaemia CARE
  • The Lymphoma Association
  • Macmillan Cancer Support

In this age of technology and internet usage, many of the leukaemia & lymphoma cancer support groups offer online services as well.  These tend to primarily be forums or chat rooms specifically created for cancer patients.  They are moderated by trained professionals to ensure accurate information and confidentiality.  An online leukaemia & lymphoma cancer support group can provide an important service for those who are not able to participate in a local, physical group.  And because these types of leukaemia & lymphoma cancer support groups are online, they can include patients from all over the world.  This aspect alone can be of great comfort to a patient in that they can truly experience the global nature of their ailment.

What Can I Expect to Experience in a Leukaemia & Lymphoma Cancer Support Group?

When you join a leukaemia & lymphoma cancer support group you can take advantage of many specialised services to help you cope.  These services range from group sessions which often meet weekly to bereavement counselling.  There are exercise and stress management classes you can take and there are even counsellors who can help you and your loved ones figure out your health benefits and financial assistance.

A leukaemia & lymphoma cancer support group can be organized by sex or age or be mixed.  There are also groups for only family and other loved ones which help them deal with the patient and the treatment.  The groups also provide a lot of information about the cancer, its treatment, and living your life as normally as possible.  If the cancer is not curable, a leukaemia & lymphoma cancer support group plays an important role in dealing with end-of-life and bereavement.  These services provide much needed support to both patients and loved ones.

Being diagnosed with leukaemia or lymphoma cancer does change your life and the life of those who love you.  You will need support throughout your treatment.  By both patients and loved ones participating in a leukaemia & lymphoma support group, the life changes can be faced and managed with peace of mind.

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