Lymphoma Cancer Research Foundation

Cancer affects one in three of us and kills one in four of us. This means it is extremely likely you will experience the ravages of cancer first hand through yourself or a close relative at some point in your life. Lymphoma cancer affects the cells that play an important part in the immune system and usually presents itself in specific body parts such as the arm pits. However, it is not exclusive to these areas and can also present itself in internal organs such as the lungs or spleen. Thankfully, lymphoma is one the most curable cancers, with an 80% survival rate. This has been achieved through advances in medical science supported by various cancer research organisations.

What is the Lymphoma Cancer Research Foundation?

The Lymphoma Cancer Research Foundation (also known as the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research) is the only charity in the UK that looks only at blood cancers, including lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma.  Their research focuses mainly on determining causes of blood cancers, finding better ways of diagnosing and treating cancer as well as performing ground breaking clinical trials for those who suffer from blood cancers.

Where Can I Find a Lymphoma Cancer Research Foundation Support Group?

The Lymphoma Cancer Research Foundation has regional coordinators, local groups, events, research centres and clinical trials across the country.  Should you be looking for a support group, please do contact the charity to find one closest to you.  They would also be able to offer you support if you were thinking of starting your own support group.

What Can I Expect to Experience in a Lymphoma Cancer Research Foundation Support Group?

Support centres and support groups of the Lymphoma Cancer Research Foundation organise many events to help fundraising and raise awareness, as well as giving their members a sense of belonging.  Some of the events they organise include quiz nights, walks, collections and special activities for children.

When you attend a support group, you can expect to find yourself in a comfortable environment with likeminded people who will be very non-judgemental.   They understand what you are going through, regardless of whether you are someone who is or has been suffering from lymphoma cancer, or whether you are someone who is affected by the disease through a relative or loved one.  Support groups offer a place to talk about how you are feeling and they will also be able to offer you plenty of information on what support is available to you and on the illness itself.  Remember that support groups do not provide medical advice, this is left to your health care professionals.

So, if you are one of the many people that has been affected somehow by lymphoma cancer, you can find some solace in the knowledge that support groups are available to you, founded by research organisations that are investing everything they have in improving the outlook for cancer suffers and trying to identify ways to prevent the illness in the first place.  This is what the Lymphoma Cancer Research Foundation tries to do.

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