Lymphoma Foundation Cancer Support

Cancer support is essential for most cancer patients and helps by getting them out of the isolation and uncertainty that are characteristic of people living with the disease. Fortunately, finding the right support group is easier than ever. Organisations like Macmillan Cancer Support ( enable you to look for a support group near you in any part of the world. And if none are available they will even help you start one.

Scientific studies have shown that most cancer patients get better treatment outcomes if they get cancer support and as a result cancer support is now a regular part of the treatment regime for many types of cancer.

What is Lymphoma Foundation Cancer Support?

The majority of people living with cancer get lots of support from friends and family, but friends or family members who have not had cancer themselves may not fully understand what the cancer patient is going through.  This is where the cancer support groups come in, offering such services as counselling sessions and complementary therapies, scheduled activities and a setting where the patients can talk freely, one-on-one or in groups.

This gives the cancer patient a chance to find out more about the condition and to learn some coping responses they would otherwise not have learned, to get more information about new treatments and how to manage the side-effects of those therapies they may already be getting, etc.

Where Can I Find a Lymphoma Foundation Cancer Support Group?

There are many local cancer support facilities in the UK, but to find one that caters to your particular type of lymphoma you may need to make use of the online resources like that provided by Macmillan Cancer Support at their website, or the one at

The best support will usually be the support from people who have the same type of cancer, because then you can find the right answers about symptoms and treatment therapies and how to cope with the side-effects, etc.

What Can I Expect to Experience in a Lymphoma Foundation Cancer Support Group?

Some of the benefits a cancer patient gets from cancer support include counselling aimed at putting their mind at ease and ensuring that their fears, worries and concerns regarding the disease do not negatively impact the treatment outcomes.  The other benefits are the opportunity to talk about the cancer with others who know what it feels like having the disease, and to share information about the condition, information that may sometimes not be in the public domain.

The chance for a cancer patient to meet face-to-face (or even online) with others going through the same experience is critically important and greatly helps break the isolation many cancer patients feel, even when they are surrounded by friends and family.  Many organisations have invested in making sure that you get this chance.  If you do not already belong to a cancer support network you really need to consider finding one that caters to your type of lymphoma, for example the Lymphoma Foundation cancer support.

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