Maggie's Centres Lymphoma Cancer Support

Maggie's Centres for Cancer Support cater to the needs of patients with any type of cancer, but where cancer support is concerned the best support usually comes from the specialised cancer support groups that are focused on one specific cancer. For the lymphoma cancer patient therefore there is the Maggie's Centres Lymphoma Cancer Support. One big advantage in joining a cancer support group such as this is that you get access to information you would otherwise not have had, information about new treatments for example, or dietary practice, etc. that may help you fight the disease.

Joining a cancer support group has many benefits for the cancer patient.  The environment of a support group allows you to talk freely and easily because you are talking to people going through the same experience as you are – no need for talking around corners or avoiding certain references to issues that may hurt feelings.  Plus, medical research has conclusively shown that joining a cancer support group usually improves your treatment outcomes.  Except for a few types, most lymphomas respond well to treatment if properly diagnosed and naturally you will want to increase the chances of a cure in some cases – by joining a cancer support group.

What is Maggie’s Centres Lymphoma Cancer Support?

Maggie’s Centres for cancer support are specially designed facilities for caring for the cancer patient.  All cancers are catered for and the centres welcome the cancer patient at any stage of the disease, from just after diagnosis through to end of life.  Even carers and friends and family are welcome to the centres.  Their approach is to provide professional help in a setting that also features community support for the patient.  The combination of professional assistance and community support in a carefully designed atmosphere is said to be highly effective for lessening emotional distress that usually accompanies the disease.

Where Can I Find a Maggie’s Centres Lymphoma Cancer Support Group?

Currently Maggie’s centres can be found in 7 locations in the UK: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Highlands, Fife, London and Cheltenham.  Other centres soon to open include Nottingham, Oxford, Lanarkshire, Southwest Wales and Aberdeen.  Plans are underway to open branches in Barcelona and Hong Kong.

What Can I Expect to Experience in a Maggie’s Centres Lymphoma Cancer Support Group?

Maggie’s centres provide the cancer patient, or their relatives and friends, a unique experience, and the sort of welcome designed to break barriers.  Plus everything comes free of charge and you are welcome to enjoy the support and assistance for as long as you want it.  Their mission is to help patients “live with, through, and beyond cancer” and they do this by bringing together professional help, a community of support and carefully designed living spaces.

Cancer of any kind can be a frightening disease.  Every cancer patient is affected uniquely by the disease and treatment outcomes are never predictable.  For the cancer patient this means worries and concerns at every turn.  A cancer support group such as Maggie’s Centres Lymphoma Cancer Support will help you deal with these uncertainties – and hopefully improve your prospects.

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