Planet Cancer Lymphoma Cancer Support

When you think of cancer you tend to think of children and older adults. Why? Because much of the advertising shows either of these two age groups. But there is a very important segment of cancer patients who are often ignored – young adults. Those cancer patients between the ages of 18 and 40. In the UK the average number of cases annually in this age bracket is around 32,000. Why? Because routine screening for many of the common cancers are not offered to this age group.

What is Planet Cancer Lymphoma Cancer Support?

To meet this need, the LiveStrong Young Adult Alliance created Planet Cancer.  LiveStrong is part of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Lance Armstrong is the American cyclist who was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 at the age of 25.  He beat his cancer and won the Tour de France in 1999, only three years after diagnosis.  Through his experience he recognised that cancer support groups did not particularly deal well with young adults.  So Planet Cancer was created to meet that need.  Planet Cancer is an online resource to provide information and support to young adults diagnosed with cancer of all forms.  Planet Cancer Lymphoma Cancer Support is but one of the many cancer support groups.  Planet Cancer deals with all forms of cancer which impact young adults. 

Where Can I Find a Planet Cancer Lymphoma Cancer Support Group?

Planet Cancer Lymphoma Cancer Support is available through the Planet Cancer world-wide online community.  Young adults have fully grasped the online social networking that is part of today's culture.  Planet Cancer recognised this and opened up a community online specifically targeting young adults with cancer.  By being online Plant Cancer lymphoma cancer support and other cancer support can reach out to young adults everywhere.

What Can I Expect to Experience in a Planet Cancer Lymphoma Cancer Support Group?

Plant Cancer and Planet Cancer lymphoma cancer support provides the means for young adults to meet, share experiences, and obtain information.  Young adults have to deal with many issues not common to children or older adults.  Issues such as dating, sex, fertility, employment, moving back home, etc.  Using online social networking young adults are able to help each other deal with these issues whether they are from London, or Boston, or Hong Kong.

Besides the online community, Planet Cancer, including Planet Cancer lymphoma cancer support group, also offer weekend retreats and camps throughout the U.S. and Canada.  There are also articles and other patient resources available.  Planet Cancer lymphoma cancer support also offers books, jokes, movies, and games.  There is also advice on dealing with the financial aspects of cancer treatment including sources of financial aid.  Planet Cancer lymphoma cancer support includes links and advice on getting grants and scholarships designed specifically for cancer patients and survivors.

For a young adult diagnosed with cancer Planet Cancer lymphoma cancer support offers an online alternative to more common cancer support groups.  It is not a replacement but a viable alternative.  It speaks to the concerns specifically of the young adult demographic and meets that need very well.

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