Lymphoma Cancer Treatments

Lymphoma cancer is a term used to refer to cancer which begins in the immune system. This covers a wide variety of cancers, just as the term 'cancer' is used as a general reference for several diseases which cause the reproduction of abnormal cells in the body. Lymphoma can be divided into Hodgkin lymphoma, which is also known as Hodgkin Disease, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). The treatments for each vary slightly and depend a lot on the stage of the cancer in the body.

What are Lymphoma Cancer Treatments?

Lymphoma cancer treatments depend a lot on the type of lymphoma that has been diagnosed.  As is the case with most cancers, early detection helps.  Another factor in lymphoma treatments is the age as treatments for children are different to those of adults.  For treating Hodgkin Lymphoma in adults, there are three standard forms of treatments that are used.  These are chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.  Chemotherapy is the use of high powered x-rays or some form of radiation to kill cancer cells or halt their growth.  There are several ways of administering chemotherapy and these would depend upon the stage of the cancer and the type.  When more than one anticancer drug is administered to a cancer patient, it is called combination chemotherapy.

Both chemotherapy and radiation are used in treating children with lymphoma cancer however they are given the treatment in smaller doses.  Treatment options in adult non-Hodgkin lymphoma also include chemotherapy and radiation therapy with the addition of watchful waiting and targeted therapy.  Watchful waiting involves the close monitoring of a patient's condition without administering any form of treatment.  This goes on until a change appears in the cancer or symptoms begin to develop.

There are different types of targeted therapy and they involve the use of drugs or some other substances to fight specific cancer cells without compromising the normal cells.  For pregnant women with Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer, watchful waiting and steroid therapy is often employed.

How are Lymphoma Cancer Treatments Performed?

Treatment of lymphoma is dependent on a lot of factors and can only be determined after several tests.  The type of treatment will be decided upon by the physician after all relevant factors have been taken into consideration.  Some of these factors include age, the stage and advancement of the cancer and previous exposure to other diseases.

Where Can I get Lymphoma Cancer Treatments?

The NHS makes provision for the treatment of lymphoma cancer through its approved hospitals and cancer treatment centres.  There are also private clinics in the UK that provide cancer treatment including treatment of lymphoma cancer:

  • Cancer Centre at the Bupa Cromwell Hospital, London
  • The London Bridge Hospital: Cancer Treatment Centres
  • Cancer Partners UK
  • HCA Hospitals which has the following Cancer Treatment Centres
    • The Portland Hospital
    • The Lister Hospital
    • The Wellington Hospital
    • The Harley Street Clinic
    • London Bridge Hospital
    • The Princess Grace Hospital
    • Harley Street at Queen's
    • Harley Street at UCH

Lymphoma cancer is a condition that is being diagnosed in more young people than ever before.  It is also a cancer that is quite aggressive and spreads rapidly however it is also one of the easiest cancers to treat and most young people who have lymphoma cancer do get cured.

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