Lymphoma Cancer Awareness

Due to the common nature of lymphoma cancer, various groups and organisations have been established that aim to improve the awareness of the condition.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The largest of these groups is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). This organisation was established in 1944 through a family who had just suffered the loss of their teenage son following a battle with leukemia. While most of their early efforts concentrated on supporting those who had been diagnosed with leukemia, their organisation grew and they later went on to support many more blood related cancers, with lymphoma being one of them.

The aim of the society is to primarily support those who have been diagnosed with a blood related cancer, with the hope of working together to find cures and improve the quality of life of the patients and their families. Their mission statement also includes ways to offer information on the cancer to a wider audience and to generally increase the awareness of the condition.

The Lymphoma Association

Unlike the LLS which is worldwide, the Lymphoma Association is more targeted to the UK audience. What's more, it is also specific to lymphoma cancer rather than other blood conditions.

Established in 1986, the organisation has been attempting to improve awareness and issue support to sufferers of all types of lymphoma cancer. Through its existence, information and awareness of the condition has improved hugely in the UK and sufferers of lymphoma cancer now have a highly targeted association to contact for help and support.

Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week

One of the largest initiatives they have launched to improve the awareness of the condition is the Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week. This has been an annual event running every September since 2000, with the aim being to raise the awareness of lymphoma cancer through the country and also to raise funds to aid the organisation.

Through the week, the organisation looks to promote a number of methods to improve the coverage of lymphoma cancer:

  • Encourage Families and Patients to Share Their Story
    The association will look to encourage people to tell their stories to the press, with the hope of local newspapers and radio stations running coverage that will improve the awareness of the condition.

  • The Awareness Poster
    A specialist poster designed to improve the awareness of the cancer is created for the week, which will be available to download from the organisation's website.

  • Wear Purple
    Another initiative of the week is to encourage people to wear purple clothing. The idea is to encourage as many people as possible to wear purple, which should simply bring attention to the cancer.

  • The Great British Tea Break
    While the main objective through this is to provide fundraising for the organisation, the Great British Tea Break can also provide awareness for the condition. The tea breaks can be held anywhere, whether this be at home or a workplace for example and the only guideline is that lymphoma awareness must be promoted.

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